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Institute for Religious Freedom (IRF) – is human rights NGO, the main goal of which is protection and promotion freedom of religion and other related human rights, facilitating an inter-faith and Church-State dialogue, assistance in protection the common values of family and marriage, strengthening a democratic ground and civil society in Ukraine.  

Oleksandr ZAIETSThe IRF was founded in 2001 in Kyiv (Ukraine) by Mr. Oleksandr Zaiets, who now is the Head of the Board of the Institute. The IRF has non-profit status and is not affiliated with any political party and religious denomination, doing its expert activity on principles of political independence and religious neutrality.

Nowadays the IRF has wide network of experts, scholars, and volunteers, which help to react operatively and effectively on actual challenges at a field of religious freedom, inter-faith dialogue and Church-State relations, religion based conflicts and discrimination, etc.

The IRF has 16 years of professional experience in Ukraine and using international instruments of defending human rights, including:

a) Organization the high-level inter-faith meetings with Ukrainian religious leaders for promoting the values of freedom of religion, religious pluralism, tolerance and mutual understanding towards people of other religions through potential of a dialogue, including a format of the Ukrainian Council of Churches and Religious Organizations (UCCRO);

b) Monitoring and verifying facts of restrictions of religious rights and religious persecutions in Ukraine with special focus on the Donbas and Crimea regions, which are suffered now of the Russian occupation; informing about the most significant facts of persecution to media and international organizations like UN, OSCE, Council of Europe;

c) Providing governmental structures with consultation and analytical information in the field of the State-Church and inter-faith relationships for better protecting freedom of religion and improving democratic approaches, as well as direct participation in the activity of different expert councils and workgroups under the Parliament and Government bodies;

d) Participation in the process of creation and correction of draft laws and other legal acts on freedom of religion;

e) Providing churches and religious organizations of Ukraine with analysis and expert recommendations for their better communication with the authorities and society.

Contact persons: Oleksandr Zaiets, Head of the Board of the IRF

                              Maksym Vasin, Executive director of the IRF

Post address: Ukraine 01001, Kyiv, P.O. Box V-471, Institute for Religious Freedom

Telephone: +380990364111             



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Report “Religious freedom at gunpoint"

Russian terror in the occupied territories of eastern Ukraine.

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Religious War in Donbas

Ideologists and producers of the Russian occupation of the Crimea and Eastern Ukraine have artificially built in religious hidden motives in the bloody picture of the events in Donbas. 

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